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ITV's Jekyll & Hyde

Art Department Intern

 I created pages for the monster book, distressed fantastical objects, painted and varnished large sheets for the market place set - a 1930's covent garden and created lots of bags of potatoes by stenciling the writing onto hessian sacks and filling with stuffing. I also created sample folders of fabrics and wallpapers, researched and sourced newspapers to dress the set with and created ways of covering the stacks with 1930's style newspaper prints. Many of these stacks needed to be in parcels so I played around with various ways of packaging them - in order to see the print through the paper, create an easy way of carrying them as well as using paint and distressed paper to weather the exteriors as well as dressing the sets with the team.

Director:            Colin Teague

Production Designer: Catrin Meredydd

Set Decorator:       Charlotte Watts

Starring:            Tom Bateman                            Donald Sumpter

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