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The Walt Disney Family Museum's World of Tomorrow Exhibition


I entered this competition during the coronavirus lockdown as a great way of creatively expressing myself and considering the concept of a vision of tomorrow. Initially it is common to think of tomorrow as the the world of the future, ''tomorrowland'' in the Disney parks coming to mind, however due to the ongoing lockdown situation and the future being so precarious and slow changing at this time, my vision for the world of tomorrow was that of the immediate future: of being able to see our friends and families, to enjoy nature together and experience joy and freedom, hopefully all having more gratitude for the little things we have and often take for granted. 

I showed this through lighting up my model to show prosperity and hope, the main form being a model/outline of a town's buildings, bright and colourful to show happiness and joy as well as the connection to nature and the natural world hence the miniature trees and greenery included. Nature is a huge part of our existence yet due to our fast paced technological lifestyles, we seem to have lost touch with the beautiful aspects of nature on our doorsteps. I called the model 'Light at the end of the tunnel' which represents the idea behind it as well as including the quote on the floor: ''There's a great big beautiful tomorrow'' - a nod to the Carousel of Progress ride that Walt pioneered with early animatronics and visions of the future. Due to time restrictions I didn't quite get to add model people and miniature face mask banners which I feel would have shown community and joy.

Smith_TheresALightAtTheEndOfTheTunnel. P
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