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Minotaur Costume


I started researching into children's drawings: the things they drew, the reasons why - if any - and the common links between them. After studying the drawings, it wasn't the content that drew me in so much as the simple yet beautiful stylised lines. They reminded me of wire and I began playing around with the material, manipulating it into the shapes they had drawn and naturally progressing my project in 3D. At the same time, I looked into popular childrens books where animals were a common theme - as they were in the drawings. Referencing popular books through my creations, I researched mythology and fantastical creatures. My work came to a conclusion in the creation of a wire minotaur costume. This was a jaunty version of where the project had started out; I wanted to create something almost nightmarish and abstract. As drawing is a way for children to express their inner thoughts, it made me reflect on the subconscious and the weird and wonderful dreams we all have. 


I created a large head and two shoulders blades which rested on the model. I enjoyed being able to create something so structured and rigid but with a dynamic and easily manipulable material. This piece was one of the foundations in my interest in theatre and design for entertainment. 

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