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The Sea

Designer & Maker

I undertook this object theatre performance with two others in collaboration with Meller's Primary school. The finished piece was an object theatre performance in which we designed, made and pupeteered. We started by undertaking workshops with the children around the theme of the sea and talking about pollution and man's affect on the environment. The aim was for the show to be educational as well as reflecting the children's ideas, drawings and creations from the making workshops. We designed one large fish puppet which was the main character and throughout the performance it was attacked by the oil (portrayed by black bin bags)and then put back together again by the sea (large pieces of blue fabric) manipulated to push the puppet back together again. We created the puppet with styrofoam for the main parts of the body and used wire and fabric for fins, which were detachable via rods that inserted into the body. At certain points, the fins acted as separate entities; an illusion of shawls of fish. We performed to two child/adult audiences, before engaging in further workshop sessions with the children who all responded positively, provoking thoughtful discussions. 


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